Sunday, August 23, 2009

What are we getting depressed?

'Tis late. Feel like writing. Off the top of my head.

Why are 1 out of 6 Australians on an anti-depressant?
What has mental illness risen by 4000% since the 80's?
Are we going insaner as a race, as a species?
Or is society to blame - our incessant need for speed, our addiction to achievement, our disllusions about ego?
How can we fix it?
How can we create a world that allows people to be?
To be themselves?
How can we alleviate sufferring?
It saddens me to see people in pain? Because there is so much beauty around?
How can we fix it?
What is the underlying and fundamental causes behind the tide of mental illnesses?
Surely, 'tis not entirely our fault.
Is it our education system - the pressure to conform, to succeed?
Is it our societal norms - that don't accept diversity, our individualistic culture centred around ego?
Is it our parents?
How can we create a social revolution to change this? Rather than put band-aid solutions on mental health, how can we address the issues behind the rise in mental illness.
What is fundamental wrong with our systems that trigger this?
Have we lost meaning in our lives? is that it?
 I want people to be happy. There is no real reason to be depressed especially in the developed world where we have so much.
Is it our scarcity/abundance mentality that is warping our heads?
Is it advertising that turns wants into needs?
Is media to blame? How can we create a better media - one that inspires rather than compares. one that serves rather than brainwashes. One that enlightened rather than stupidifies.

I believe people are inherently good.
Let's create system that gives people the opportunity to be good.