Thursday, September 03, 2009

Return to Vegas

So I am going back to Brisbane on Saturday. Mixed feelings - more on the positive side, of course - but a little mixed nevertheless. A tinge of nerves. I have no doubt everything will ulimately be fine, but the butterflies still there.

As I was saying to my mate, Did, yesterday, I have really enjoyed being back home this round. I usually trend it. But I actually enjoyed the peace, the shanti'ness, time to reflection and get better on my terms. The initial month or so was tough; relapses left, right, centre. But deep inside, I knew I would overcome. Probably cause I had overcome it last time and came back bigger and better than ever. Seems like the same process is happening again. I feel more self-aware. Stronger. Focused. Determined. Compassionate. Failure and darkness teaches us things in a way that success never can. I have done so much goddamit reflection while I have been put here - I feel personally and spiritually a bit wiser. Maybe. Maybe I am kidding myself - the process of growth never ends really. Plus, I have had freereign geeking, which has proves to be a nice "cost-benefit" to my skills/knowledge/opportunities.

Right now - I have three opportunites in the works:

Palomar 5 - If I get it, I'll be going to Europe
SWY - If I get it, I'll be going to Japan, India and United Arab Emirates
TOTO - If I get it, Ill be going to Bangelash or Cambodia

So I figure there is a good chance Ill get at least one of them. Will satisfy my nomad archetype.

What else?

Challenges that I need to look out for:

- Money and Cash Flow
- Maintaining Slow; Not going too fast and/or burning out.
-Enjoying 'NOW' - not the future and/or craving about the past
- Working on projects that matter to me. Learning to say no and not getting distracted by the irrelevant. Your focus: social media and social innovation. Everything else - passion-wise- is secondary.
- House - Mainly because of messy situation last night. Wanna be a good housemate

What am I exicited about:

- Hanging with Brisbane buddies and started afresh again. Building relationships that matter to me. Being content with the nature of change.
- Geeking. (of course)
- Enjoying the Now
- Having exicitment and adventure
-Contining to learn and grow

All right, this post was a bit incoherent, but I just wanted to smash something down on the keyboard.

Anyway talk later